The Power of Fashion Affects Mood and Confidence

Fashion and Style goes hand in hand when building on Confidence and Image. When there is a way to change your mindset, expressing with our choice of wardrobe can be a major influence on well-being. The power to simply express through clothes can impact mood strongly, making a difference in our overall self-esteem.

“Dressing for Success” has never mattered so much when productivity is involved - if you are aware of it or not, our wardrobe choices can directly change the ability to influence everything around us, like the direction of how we think. Fashion Psychology has been a way to affect our mood significantly, how others perceive your image, and some intriguing facts that can even affect job prospects. Subtle changes like choosing your dress style has the effects to determine the way you think, from feeling successful and powerful to motivating yourself in the morning. This way of thinking can open up advantages to more opportunities!

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 The Power of Fashion - Bring Your Game

How Fashion Changes Your Internal Mood

Have you ever woken up morning after morning stuck in a dark room feeling down, muscles fatigued and unmotivated? Like, I’m just gonna keep laying here in my bed’s fluffy sensory until I pass out again, only to suddenly wake up dishevelled thinking what year it is. The Power of Fashion has an incredible way to build Confidence in Women today and change our Internal Mood and Thinking.

Researchers have shown that there is a systematic psychological role that plays with mood when we wear certain clothes at different occasions. Essentially, what we wear, significantly depends on how we think, and changing how we feel internally. The decision to wear certain clothes can make you feel more fitter, well-dressed, professional or lifts emotions like sadness or boosting your energy. How much happier is your mood when you decide to wear that dress that instantly makes you feel sexier or more care-free?

Yes, there was some science behind this. Feeling and looking great is that secret ingredient you need when fashion has a major part to play on mood. Dressing for the roles we want can make you feel on top of the world, and it's also how others feel when they see you. If you want to express yourself through clothes or focus on how you want to project yourself towards others, it’s true what they say. “No matter how you feel... Get up. Dress up. Show up. And never give up." So it’s time to GET UP - start dressing how you feel - discover what makes you happy - and finally bring your game, baby!

The Beauty of Fashion Style - Glow Up Mood

These Clothes Give You Confidence

The role of a personal stylist when dealing with clients is not asking, “does it make you feel comfortable” but instead “how do you feel?” there is some hidden science with the way we dress today, ultimately it determines a process in how we start to think and the roles it develops. Clothes have the ability to give you confidence in how you walk, your posture and suddenly, your movements are more stride and precise. Once you put on a piece of clothing that gives you confidence, how much taller do you feel? 

The way you dress is a representation of our identities. Here’s a scenario. For example, when we see a businessman wearing a tailored suit, instantly we start to view the person’s role as professional, hard-working and credible. This is how the influence on what you wear impresses another person, at the same time, the wearer feels powerful. More generally, confidence comes from mentally and emotionally investing in pieces that can be worn proudly.

Do you see how the same characteristics goes for a woman wearing a well-cut blazer and tailored pants? She stands with more confidence, and by simply putting on these types of clothing it gives a self-assured boost. Wearing a suit can increase your self-esteem because when we put clothes on that we love and enjoy to wear, we also feel great on the inside shifting our mindset for more positive - unlocking these traits can be taken through life and business for a persona you truly desire. 

Fashion Dressing - Bold Moves and Colours

Style The Best Version Of 'You'

Repeat these words. Let it resonate from the inside and reflect it towards the world like the bright shining star that you are. Clothes have incredible ways to make you feel at a different mindset. It’s time to fully understand that you can identify these traits and adapt it into your everyday personal style. Everyone is different; you may be bold, you may be charismatic, or you may want to embody an energetic boss girl. It’s all about being the best version of YOU.

The power of red has the powerful emotion for passion. This has embarked on the theory with the systematic influence of how our clothes can influence a wearer’s behavior and psychological process. The connection of the colour red is symbolic for making us feel powerful, or ~some sort of way~ , or be as attention grabbing within a crowd. When you’re wearing red, there is a sudden boost of confidence and you’re ready to make some bold moves.

For the BOSS lady out there, it’s time to take charge. Power Dressing never fails to make any woman feel more confident - especially in business. No matter your age and body shape, choosing the right clothing that best suits your style can bring out the best version in you. Dressing for the office and tailored garments can be stylish and professional without skimping on your Personal Style.

Powerful Fashion - Dress Outfits for Business Women

Fashion Can Be Self-Empowerment

It’s time to invest in yourself, let’s start nurturing our self-esteem and making some powerful connections. Successful women use self-empowerment with the types of clothes and accessories in their wardrobes. Bold colors, statement accessories, tailored blazers or it could be a matter of a killer pair of heels (like you’re ready to strut down the catwalk) to that bold red lip. Contrary to many contradictions, there are instances when we want to get more fit in the gym, we purchase active wear to motivate us (yes, this is from personal experience.) Do you feel more confident to lead a lifestyle you desire because you want to see results?

Successfully well-dressed women are loving their jobs and also busy making money. if wearing a suit makes you step into that role of being a boss lady - do it! if well-cut trousers and heels make you perform much better as a business woman ready to make some deals - no one's stopping you! Self-empowerment through fashion is a well thought outfit that makes you feel at the most. Purposefully dressing to change your mood exudes that strength that can be significantly used on how we present ourselves to the world.

Next time you have a date, or you’re landing your dream job in an interview, self-empowerment can be used with our Fashion and Style. There are no rules to personal style, but we can make fashion an amazing tool. Wear what makes you feel confident and what MOTIVATES you. Why should you wait for success to update your wardrobe? It's time to Glow Up - everyone is allowed to feel good now