Stylish Bride Takes On Unconventional Weddings

The wedding is of course the main event, but hosting a bridal party, the big day nuptials and all things related to the lead up is also no easy task. From choosing your bride-to-be dress, to stylish wedding invitations, deciding on the engagement venue and arranging bridal shower favours, fear not, we’re here to help you organize your special occasion to help you on your big celebration.

Seuqin Dress Wedding
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“I said Yes!” in 2020 either makes you laugh or cry when the average cost of a wedding now dates between 29k-31k average a year including wedding costs related things like choosing your dress, to cakes, invitations and decor. Wedding traditions at least have not changed, so what’s a way to cut down some budget costs to help you have your dream day. For our stylish bride planning a wedding this year, prepare to pin these unconventional wedding ideas.

Pink Wedding Decor Idea Bride
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Sustainable Wedding For Bridal Parties

Sustainability has been on top of the list for all things fashion, beauty and living and whilst you’re planning your big day or celebration events coming up it’s all about interpreting the modern with forward thinking. Sustainable Wedding Trends for our brides have us choosing vintage rings to electronic invitations, creative handmade decor, and DIY wedding planning.

Get Creative with your Bridal Parties or Wedding Venue with Instagram worthy photo walls (cue the boomerangs) worthy for your wedding guests to have a memorable time by creating personalized moments. The eco-conscious bride can go green with sustainable choices creatively organsiing their engagement shower, hens party and Wedding Reception by swapping out plastic with bamboo straws with their cocktails, to eco-friendly petal confetti and instead of plastic centrepieces, choosing seasonal fruits or recycled vintage clothes to decorate tables.

Boho Lace Dress Wedding Style
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More Than Once Engagement Lace Dress

Between the engagement party, to the bachelorette party or high tea bridal shower, we have all the gorgeous occasion dresses for you to start your wedding adventure at an affordable price. But more importantly, you can wear more than once, again and again. As obvious as wearing a white lace dress sounds for bride-to-be’s, surprisingly, when it comes to wedding budget tips, choosing an engagement outfit should guide you in a way of looking for longevity in your outfits.

Wedding dresses you can wear more than once holds more sentimental value. Who doesn't want to relive their most cherished moments? From cocktail dresses, to sparkly sequins and lace playsuits, make sure that one single outfit for your occasion will hold multiple wears. Since sustainability is in our minds this year, something new, can be something old. Vintage lace dresses makes it’s personal comeback along with ethical jewelry for that big of sparkle. Don’t be afraid to defy bridal rules, from wearing something more than once to re-creating vintage or multi-use on your wedding day look.

Wife And husband Denim Jacket
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The Stylish Bride In Denim

Express your personal style with fashion elements by sporting denim jackets or personalized bomber jackets with your fancy new last name! A stylish bride, is unconvential with traditions and a sweet and fun moment can be done by fashion items. Yes, even Kim Kardashian and Kanye West even sported these matching jackets on their wedding day. Perfect for adding a stylish touch to your reception photos on the dancefloor, personalised denim jackets for your wedding is the perfect way if your day is anything but formal.

Style your denim in customized embellishments with stitched in words to make it an unforgettable keepsake. A distressed denim jacket marks that milestone you have with your significant other, and an adorable way to rock your brand new role as “wifey” and husband.