Things To Do In Lockdown

We totally get it. The message is clear - #STAYATHOME. You’re running out of things to do and you’re in the house bored - this was not the agenda we had in mind this year! While days of social distancing or being confined in our homes have stripped us from our daily routines, it’s come to the question of “what is a weekend now?” Is it really possible to have one in the quarantine world? For those of you who have ended up with a little more time on your hands, whether it’s something productive or just to kill some time; one of the many challenges of staying at home is our complete disarray of distinguishing down time from regular time. Humans are creatures of habit and with the current situation during these uncertain times, one of the many challenges we face is keeping up to our daily routines and to be able to switch off to what we truly enjoy in leisure to de-stress. This is where having a ‘weekend’ matters.

There are many fun things to do in lockdown where there’s plenty of stuff to do at home whereas you never would regularly have the chance to do so before. We encourage you to take this time to replicate what you usually reserved for the weekend as a creative way to bring back the normalcy with things not because you think they’re fun, but things you find fun. You’ve already nailed date night ideas for rainy days with bae and you’ve already rewarded yourself with a non-stop Netflix session (well done), but what are some other things to do in lockdown?

Although some aspects of life are slowly getting back to normal for many of us, social distancing kinda ruins it. If you’re totally convinced that you’re completely over quizzes right now, we’ve compiled a brilliant list to see your boredom as an opportunity to realign goals, to try out new things or push yourself out of your comfort zone to take out the blur of those never-ending days.

Fun Things To Do In Lockdown - Mindful Happy Hour

Mindful Happy Hour

As days go on and the novelty of staying at home is starting to become stale, we slowly approach the end of a week with the usual looking for 'fun things to do on the weekend' to pass the time. Yes, we’re totally missing our Saturday nights with the girls. While getting dressed up for cocktail hour after work was always our way to unwind, why not try your hand at practicing mindful happy hour instead. When you’re in a fast-paced city lifestyle, it’s easy to forget to live in the moment. As the name suggests, wellness hour is the new mindful happy hour. A mindful happy hour will be the time you use to recharge or fill in an activity that helps you achieve calm and relaxation. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed all week or trying to cut back on the alcohol, practicing an hour of mindfulness might be for you that could be a fun and productive thing to practice at home during lockdown. You’ll feel more relaxed, focused and happier!

Fun Things To Do In Lockdown

Stay At Home With Fun

Even though living our normal lives have come to a halt, we sometimes look for much needed inspiration for fun things to do in lockdown. One way to reconnect with fun is to honour your weekend with something you look forward to. Planning personal projects, teaching yourself a new skill or connecting with nature in the garden (if you have one) to take extra lavish care and attention on your plant babies. It’s your own take on what justifies stay at home fun for you and the options can be endless. With zero socializing currently on the cards, perhaps experimenting with your wardrobe will be a way to embrace what's new in fun fashion again. With all of us stuck at home, it can be especially challenging and tempting to stay in our day pajamas all day when in fact we should make this new 'normal' a time to understand what inspires us. Whether that's picking up a paintbrush or enjoying blissful solitude with your favourite books to read, reconnect with your version of fun and stay at home, feeling inspired.

Post Lockdown Bucket List

Make A Post Lockdown Bucket list

As someone who has always loved to plan her next adventure, during self-isolation, keeping a post lockdown bucket list of all the things to do afterwards has given a sense of motivation. If you haven't started a post lockdown bucket list yet, now is the time! You'll find an instant positivity boost as you write down and fill out all your dream travel destinations because it's okay to be sad that our 2020 plans didn't happen - and it sure is something to look forward to in the future. When traveling doesn't necessarily mean leaving the country, you can also have an in-home staycation to re-create the holiday magic in your own house! This is of course for those travelers who feel saddened about not going on weekends away, a staycation will be just as good to give you break from 'working at home'. Just like a real vacation, you play ahead. Bikinis? check! perhaps a fun dress for an indoors picnic like you're in Tuscany, check! So when you're ready... put on your phone and 'do not disturb'.

New found time is quite liberating isn’t it? While some of us are relieved to take a pause on our relentless ways to keep up or log on to every virtual happy hour online, it’s also been an unexpected pleasure to get creative in knowing what we truly enjoy to do during our down time. Let us know in the comments below, what are your favourite things to do in lockdown, do you have a post lockdown bucket list brewing or will you practice the new mindful happy hour?