Tiger Print Power

Tiger Print Trends 2020

Hey all you cool cats and kittens! Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock and lived life through national lockdown doing productive things, you’ve probably already seen and heard of Netflix series Tiger King becoming an online viral phenomenon with it’s weirdly wonderful cast members and the outlandish outfits that came together by accident. On several or more occasions, it was the ultimate self-isolation viewing whether it was on the focus of big cat lover Joe Exotic, or flower-crown-wearing-animal-activist Carole Baskin who was gloriously bonkers. Of course, our tiger print obsession continues when viewers were not let down by louder than loud ensembles that at times outshined the actual characters itself. Party shirts, sequined blouses, fringes and fashion choices of having head-to-toe tiger print clashes were almost as hair raising as the mullets.

When fashion is already ahead of tiger print trends with an extensive history, our feline love for animal print will always be a staple in our wardrobes in the form of dresses, tops and shoes one way or another. Of course, it takes an exotic personality to pull off clashing prints worn together, because let’s be honest - Joe Exotic’s play on his tiger print outfits are kind of ballsy by whichever way you stretch your imagination.

If you’re hearing the call of the wild, wearing tiger print is confidence inducing which is powerful to wear and if that doesn't persuade you enough to give animal prints a moment… there is a lot to know about how to wear tiger print because why not give something new a go, right? If there’s one thing to learn from Tiger King and Joe Exotic’s style is that the only way to make a statement is with an OTT outfit, in my opinion the style icon we all deserve.

Tiger Print Trend 2020

Clashing Tiger Print On Print

With Tiger King making moves to make tiger print into forward-thinking fashion choices, make your most dubious style choices without looking like you made a mess. When it comes to dressing head-toe-toe in tiger print, the key is to make it playful. Clashing tiger print on print might have you a ‘little daunted’ at first but just simply start with an ensemble with the same colour palette to keep it harmonious in style. Pairing a mix-matched tiger print on print works well because of the similar tones but this time turns it up a notch or two Joe Exotic style with contrasting prints. So, go all out and wear your clashing tiger print on print top and skirt with accessories too.

Tiger Print Dress

Tiger Print Dress

Tiger print has had a lot of power in fashion when there’s a look for every occasion: for work, cocktail, going out and date night, you’ll be surprised with how styling tiger print can fit for everyone when there are fashion finds that can be worn over and over again. After admiring the most eccentric outfits on Tiger King why not go a little outside your comfort zone with a new key style piece with a tiger print dress to swap out neutrals with a standout design. Most people reach out for their LBD on a night out that is somewhat low-key but those looking for a little more pizazz, a tiger print dress is the ultimate statement look that is very simple to style. A combination of a tiger print dress styled with knee high boots will add interest to your look, without looking to overboard but makes you feel sexy to bring out your wild side.

Tiger Print Outfits

Fierce Feet In Animal Print Heels

When animal print first evolved in fashion to be somewhat of a camouflage, tiger print evokes that exotic mystique to encode an element of danger. For example, animal print heels can be a trend-accent piece in your wardrobe to make your outfits extraordinarily powerful! If you’re looking for an ultra bold pattern for fierce feet, make sure your animal print heels are rich looking with gradient pops of colour like red to make it more ‘in the moment’, or patterned heels that is classic in design to take you in years to come. For the mega stylish among us, animal print heels give that ‘attitude’, or sexy allure. For this, you can take a simple black dress to make this dominated trend incorporated with the rest of your wardrobe. It’s the perfect sexy date night dress, or for the flirty feline, wear a floaty white maxi dress with quirky tiger print sunglasses to tie in a boho chić look for brunch with the girls.

Animal Print Trend 2020

Play With Tiger Print In Coats And Jackets

While print on print is often preached against, some can get away with styling animal print when put together in an outfit that mixes tones to give it a whole different vibe. If you play with tiger print in coats and jackets it can look part glam, rock and roll or an item in your wardrobe to instantly take your Winter styling game to a fierce level! The most glamorous faux fur coats you need this season will showcase the ever popular tiger print to elevate your looks today. With tiger print coats and jackets these days, you have the freedom to style ‘em with absolutely anything making it the the ultimate topper to any outfit. Carole Baskin, eat your heart out, you're not the only person serving tiger queen lewks.

If you haven't already noticed, it's no wonder that animal prints and the elusive tiger print has been defined as sexy and powerful when it's undeniably fierce. Will you be trying the tiger-print savage look or play outside the rules and clash the print-on-print trend for an eccentric outfit. Now's the time to go truly wild.