Tips To Dress Up Denim Jeans

Tips To Dress Denim Jeans

Jeans: We just love wearing them. The tried and true trend that’s not going anytime soon, because a good pair of denim jeans will be forever loved. Arguably, jeans are the most long lasting and versatile piece to have in your closet, and if you’re anything like us - you probably have several pairs that have been worn a hundred times to complete a look. Ask any person in the world what their most worn pair of bottoms are and undoubtedly they would say, anything denim jeans. It’s not just because they’re comfortable (hello sweatpants we’ve been wearing for weeks) but they just last a lifetime.

This season, break out of your usual cycle and enter these tips to dress up denim jeans into your notes. Luckily, there are endless possibilities to style your one and only denim jeans in your closet to create some new and exciting ways to jazz them up! Those times when we find ourselves to be in a creative rut, there are so many fashion bloggers and influencers that have already cracked the code giving us no shortage of stylish ways to style denim. Sometimes, all your denim jeans really need is that one major IT piece and the possibilities are truly endless.

Keep scrolling to see our tips to dress up denim jeans to get inspired with some seriously cool looks and see how these stylish fashionistas are styling them chić AF to amp up their own pairs. Ready to get started? Yes, girl, yes!

Top With Denim Jeans Street Style Outfits

A Posh Top With Denim Jeans

You’re lumbered with the thought of the do’s and don’ts of wearing denim jeans for the office; and as some work places are quite casual with their dress codes then there will be no shortage of looks. When the time comes to dress up your trusty denim pieces, you’ve just got to put on a posh top to make them look as polished enough to create that office ready ensemble. To nail the ideal look, a posh top with denim jeans like a prairie style blouse in silks and satin will really make it feel luxe.

For other fashionable street style approved trims, eye catching details like pleats or floral print tops give denim that boost of style energy. If you’re a fashion forward business woman, tap into the current trend of animal prints or have some fun with patterns in your top instead of wearing a solid block colour. A top with denim jeans will give you that high street look, but for a touch of cool factor, style up your favourite denim jeans with heeled booties and a biker leather jacket that won't go wrong to give it some attitude.

Puffy Sleeve Tops And Jeans

Denim Jeans With Retro Tops And Puffy Sleeves

When the usual ‘nice top and jeans’ approach starts to become dull or has just taken the joy out of getting dressed, it’s time to elevate denim jeans with this season's ultimate trend of retro tops and puffy sleeves. Denim jeans with retro tops and puffy sleeves are more exaggerated than ever these days where tops volume way above the shoulders with balloon sleeve silhouettes. In other words, playing with these bold pieces at the top of your outfits will offer enough interest to amp up your usual combo and you won’t be spending hours to create a head-to-toe look.

Style this dramatic statement piece top to make your blue washed denim jeans look anything but ordinary. Of course, the only simplicity of wearing denim on the bottom is that you can dress it up for an evening look with the right heels and accessories. By wearing such an extravagant piece on top with denim jeans like your favourite high-waisted mom style, it will still maintain it's chić undertone but at the same time the outfit combo will feel both subtle and sophisticated.

Bodysuit Denim Jeans

Sexy Way To Dress Bodysuits And Jeans

Those times in the morning when getting dressed makes you go on auto-pilot, thanks to the easy ways to dress up jeans you’ll be creating easy silhouettes to build outfits from. And truth be told, bodysuits and denim jeans are actually ridiculously comfortable! The best part of bodysuits are, they can be styled for any season and bodysuits are universally flattering for every body shape to make your closet looks amazing. At this point, you can kiss your basic tank tops and shirts goodbye when the feminine silhouette of bodysuits will be a sleek fit for a stylish update.

Meet the bodysuits and jeans combo as your warm-weather uniform, or the fashion gods have also blessed us with longer sleeved bodysuit versions to wear for the colder months ahead with on trend coats and jackets layered on top. You’ll soon discover why bodysuits have become a classic to have, it'll be a sexy way to dress up denim jeans for the perfect date night outfit, or an effortlessly cool look to take our for the weekend.

When you truly cannot go wrong with a pair of jeans, we just can't help but try out these tips to dress up denim jeans the next time we leave the house. With elevated fashion adjustments like pairing our fav denim with puffy sleeve tops, bodysuits and workwear chić blouses (with a little bit of animal print perhaps), it's definately given us that inspiration to style boost our outfits when the sartorial imagination runs out. Let us know if you'll be rocking any of these looks any time soon!