Trending Bike Shorts | Top Styles To Try

You have all been warned. Bike Shorts will be trending AGAIN and with popular demand - whether it’s a universal elaborate joke on our fashion feelings or not, they have been completely and undeniably trending everywhere. From the screens on our social media feeds and seen on our favourite celebrities. Bike shorts have been running it globally, and still going strong with Instagram Influencers and models alike. While you’re pondering about it’s wearable inspirations, let’s take a look at how we can style the bike short trend for warmer days, and cooler nights.

Dressing For Summer In Bike Shorts

Summer Dressing Celebrity Inspired Shorts
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Style In All Black Everything

Designer Fashion Labels from Jacquemus to even our favourite girl, Fenty by Rihanna have graced our runways since 2018 and have trickled down from the theory during 2019. With it’s forefront, The Kardashians sporting it a la carpe diem with Designer Brand Yeezy as it’s main skin-tight supporter.

When it comes to dressing for summer and styling this interesting breed of spandex material, navigating trivial trends into our everyday lives could be curious to some but daunting to most. Never go wrong pairing in an all black everything ensemble. Style your pieces with a black asymmetrical crop top, this creates clean lines that perfectly match for a well-refined chic look. If you want to give it some edge, pieces like a black leather chained bag, doc martens or a vintage leather jacket with knee-high lace up boots creates textures and depth that’ll instantly make you feel badass.


  Dressing In Summer - Neutral Style Trends
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Bike Shorts Inspired With Summer Crèmes

We have seen them as the idea of being a top trans-seasonal choice, from lasting all through summer going beyond the cooler months. But how do we keep up with this trend? How wearable is cycling shorts during summer? Keep on reading as we show you the easiest ways of wearing this piece of nylon; while keeping it as chic and high-street in summer as possible.

Light coloured shorts paired with tone-on-tone neutral accents keeps it looking fresh and bright. We love a monochrome look with light splashes of beige and sand. Pair them with plaid blazers as an “on-the-go” look with feminine accessories like thin strap mules, headbands or pearl hair clips to keep it flirty. If you’re into a pop of colour with your creams, decorate with a pastel vintage Prada sling back over your shoulder.


  Athlesuire Styling - Sporty Looks in Summer
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Wearing Athleisure Is Comfort And Lifestyle

When it comes to investing pieces like bike shorts into our wardrobes, we suggest choosing a cut and colour with classic features to play with different looks that are easily achievable. Athleisure is a trend that incorporates active wear in your wardrobe, and if your style is sporty or more Hype Beast, this casual look are for both comfort and lifestyle.

Hoodies that go down to your hips... or a cropped sweater, active wear has been mastered by the likes of babegirl, Emily Ratajkoswki. Relaxed but with a bit of attitude on the border of not trying too hard (or am I?), it’s the most wearable way to incorporate into your Summer Wardrobe. Matching sets with colours like stone grey and even rose can be luxe, or wear them with a loose logo tee, tucked in. Did you just go grocery shopping and forget to change out the lower part of your gym clothes? Oh the easy, and comfortability of it all. Best worn with clean whites, or Adidas.

  Influencer Styles - Spring Colour Street Wear
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How Influencers Wear Bike Shorts

Whilst many others see it as a perfect travel piece, or a comfortable choice refined diligently by the world’s fashion police, there is no doubt that it has slowly and surely succumbed into our closets. Taking the most inspiration from our Instagram feeds, many of our favourite Style Influencers have sported this type of nylon whilst holidaying in the European summers.

Pairing this outfit with pastel blazers make it a vibrant, fashion forward step, whilst leather mixes of biking shorts have incorporated in a luxurious way. Brunching in Paris or a shopping trip in Milan - Ideally choose a high to mid-rise, slim fit that elevates just above the knee, which makes it the most flattering among all body shapes. There is no doubt that wearing chunky sneakers have been the number one signature to serve while globetrotting the world.

  Styling White Shirts - Bike Shorts Inspired
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Styling White Shirts For Summer

Cropped crisp whites have been a favourite option for many, and we don’t blame ‘em. While in Italy, scorching weather could define our way to wear breathable clothing, and cotton materials have always stood the test keeping us cool and protected in the sun. Summer styling for weather has never been so easy. Casual whites such as boyfriend style t-shirts can be worn buttoned up, even tying it at the waist, off shoulder or layered among cropped shapes.

Choosing the right style of shorts make sure to play with the elements as well - matte materials are best paired with neutral colours because of it's easy and care-free style. No wonder this is the hottest trend on warmer summer days, pair with gold dainty accessories, a straw hat or a denim jacket. it's the most easiest style for an effortless look.

  Effortless Trendy Looks - Styles to Try
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The Verdict

While this retro style trend was first introduced in the 1970's, they spilled on the streets becoming the epitome of the workout fashion world splashing vividly and as eye blinding as the era's blue eye shadow counterparts. Today, bike shorts have come onto the scene because of it's functionality. While others may be hesitant to try new looks for summer, we arguably believe it is the most wearable trend for any wardrobe.

Before, a practical choice essentially used for active sports such as hiking, running, physical exercising, making it sweat proof but most importantly; the function of extreme chafing in the hopes of personal avoidance. It is now a style trend that has literally, and figuratively come at full cycle (pun intended.) So Let us know your thoughts this season, or if you are inspired to take some risks - yes, even shorts!