How To Update Your Hair Without Cutting it

How To Update Your hair Without Cutting It

We’ve all felt the urge to go for a haircut or change our hair when a major event happens which you have probably done at some point in your life. When you have a breakup - changes hair, starts a new stage in life - changes hair, world pandemic - changes hair. Yes, cue the fruition of accidental matter that has happened in the past week where people in self-isolation are giving themselves haircuts at home. Some fail miserably and others proving that just because you can, really mean you shouldn’t. As many beauty businesses and hair salons are on temporary lockdown with restrictions, people around the world are experimenting with hair at-home and giving eachother some terrible haircuts with some questionable bangs that may not have turned out so well. 

“Bangs or no bangs?” the constant conundrum every fashion girl has. Life might be going into hibernation right now, but your hairstyle doesn't have to. Let’s weigh up the potential risks here. With all of this free time, make good use of it and update our hair without cutting it. Let’s keep it moisturized, de-tangled and practice this in our everyday self-care routine and let our hair run free until we get to see our go-to hairstylist again. At times, there’s only so many puzzles we can do at home before we’re itching for a change - we know the feeling! But turns out there are other ways to update your hair without cutting it. Whether you want some luscious locks or up for a fun colour transformation, we’ve got you covered with some awesome hair ideas to do at home without resorting to scissors.

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Everyday Lazy-Girl Accessories

Being isolated at home has inspired many people to try something new with their hair, we have this sense of freedom to experiment and play around with our looks which can be a silver lining during a stressful time. Like many of us, our favourite celebrities are experimenting with their hairstyles and cutting their own hair at home while practicing self isolation. But if buzz cuts are out of the question, why not try a low commitment hairstyle with accessories. Remember those fun accessories you use to wear as a kid? Well get ready to feel nostalgic. Hair clips, claw clips and bandanas are the hair accessories of choice. 

Bella Hadid practices at-home hairstyles with accessories like wearing claw clips as notorious as her love for 90’s revival fashion is. And leave it to Em Rata for an easy updo or messy hair bun. Let’s make lazy-girl hairstyles cool again with slicked back hair buns with the ease of a claw clip or bandana holding it all together. The best part is you can wear hair accessories in so many ways, and you’ll be amazed at how easily you can elevate any everyday hairstyle look. Having a claw clip in your hair or bandana wrapped around your head tends to be like, “oh this old thing?” it’s vintage charm and effortlessness will have you feeling like a 90’s supermodel in no time.

Switch Up Your Hairstyle

Since this whole WFH thing, are you still rocking the top knot to hide those darker roots? There’s a simple tweaking trick for a hair makeover that’s totally temporary. Flip your hair to the side and try changing your part to something different than what you’re used to wearing every day. When our hair is flat in the centre our roots seem to appear more darker, but when you try for a side flip you instantly get a lift in your hair that’s more casual and bohemian. For this hairstyle, easily add a root-concealer which is a powder that temporarily lightens your hair, and spray volume with some dry shampoo.  

To tide us over when you're in a styling rut, switch up your hairstyle by changing curling irons to more thicker waves with a curling rod. We’re talking old Hollywood waves to give your hair that instant glam. Tousled waves can add volume and interest to once dull hair, simply add texturizing spray or sea salt spray for a matte finish. Or maybe go for a hands off-approach to update up your daily looks, instead of concentrating on every piece of hair, style it with a few easy flat-iron bends and add products on the tips.

At Home Hair Treatments

How can we maintain our hair at home during this time? There are some practical reasons why you would want to cut your hair, but especially during stressful situations sometimes impulsive cuts turn out to be a disaster. Cutting bangs have always been tempting, but if you don’t know what you’re doing or have thick hair, you may be left with a haircut you might regret after the novelty wears off. Self care has been at the forefront more than ever during this time, so adjust your routine and up your beauty treatments to help keep your hair healthy too!

It’s important to take your time and let the urge of cutting your hair wear off and focus more on taking care of your health, beauty and well-being. Including at home hair treatments. Since you’re likely on the hunt for some useful hacks to try, luckily you don’t have to go to the store but head straight to the pantry for some DIY hair treatments. Whether it’s damaged, frizzy or dull, use a DIY leave-in deep conditioning treatment like coconut oil. A milk and honey hair mask once a week to prevent your hair from split ends or use argan oil to replenish and give natural shine.

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Get Creative With Your Hair

When you’ve been itching to try the vivid hair trend. The time is now! take your creativity with brightly coloured hair at home. When I had to calculate some risk taking for a hair colour that wasn’t going to have HR coming after me I opted to experiment with a temporary fashion choice that could easily be changeable if it wasn’t office-appropriate. And that was dying my hair pastel pink with a semi-permanent wash out. A totally risqué fashion choice at that time but I have never regretted the decision (I got away with it btw.)

Since we are all staying in and the positives of no-one seeing you makes the exact point that this is the time to try a creative hairstyle, in case your experiment goes wrong - no one will see it. Colouring with semi-permanent hair wash is the safest way to express yourself, easily choose the amount of days it washes out like a 3 day period or a week. The good news is, a wash out hair colour will fade. It's the perfect security blanket and colouring your hair today for expressing your creativity or doing something out of your comfort zone will give you that little boost of confidence you need.

Let us know below if you'll be trying any of these styles today. Do you have any DIY hair treatments at home that does wonders for your hair? What hairstyles are you pinning the next time you see your hairdresser? Remember to stay home. Wash your hands. And don't touch your bangs!