Valentine's Day Treat Yo Self | Galentine's With Girlfriends

If you have a sweetie or not, we have many ideas on how to treat yo' self or your loved ones this Valentine's Day. Traditionally a national romantic holiday celebrating love all over the world - we see a large amount of overly affectionate couples ooh-ing and ahh-ing about 'his and hers' relationships. But what about our other, other half. Our best friends! our one true soulmate. Valentine's Day is partial for engagements and couples showing love for each other, on the other hand it is an oppressive day for single women whispering sweet nothings to their breakfast donuts.

We are perfectly happy to celebrate both couples and singles here, but the term "Galentine’s Day" is fast becoming an unofficial holiday to celebrate all types of friendships not to mention an awesome way to gather your girlfriends, and take your girl-gang for hosted parties.

"What’s Galentine’s Day? “Oh it’s the only best day of the year. Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies.” - famously said by Leslie Knope, Amy Poehler’s character on Parks and Recreation sparking a national trend. 

Galentines Day National Holiday

According to Knope, Galentine's Day falls the day before Valentine's and it's a boozy brunch with a crafty gift exchange. However you decide celebrating this event, we also want to tribute our gals through waffles, a weekend girl's trip or laying around in our dress-robes. We just love smothering our friends.

Valentine's Day Brunch Prettier Than The Drinks

Spending time with your best friends and kicking it “breakfast-style” is the best excuse to dress up to a brunch place prettier than the drinks. Celebrating female friendships takes it's place over a Breakfast Brunch (we're talkin' waffles, champagne, chocolate covered strawberries and a one way ticket to mimosaville!) it's all about self-love and dressing in hues of PINK, even that flirty dress with sheer sleeves and everything else that makes you happy. Brunch in style with your favourite co-workers, even your amazing hairdresser because, how could you have ever lived without her?

If you’re thinking of hosting The Best Galentine’s Bash at home, wearing super comfortable maxi dresses or cute rompers are as pretty as the theme. Adult pajama brunch parties are a thing now and we highly recommend it (with a pink gin in hand), celebrating female friendships over brunch is some kind of unique-girl-energy. As the official Lovers Date is the following day, we can't help but take the time and raise a glass to our girls who have inspired us, or have really been there before our significant others. Our ride-or-dies.

Valentines Girls Day Staycation
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Ideas For Valentine's Day Staycation

If the squad decide for an epic all-girls trip on the weekend, a staycation at a nearby hotel and spa is a Unique Galentine's Day Idea and you'll be in the plushest bathrobes! Yes, instead of getting ready for a night out - it's a day In. If there was any other unofficial holiday of the year, we would definitely choose this one. Booking some pampering time for manicures, facials and eating fancy room service in bed with your besties is the ultimate way to relax - because we all deserve it!

Rather than a romantic evening with a significant other following a trail of love notes, celebrating "GALentine's" is the time to show our closest platonic other halves how much we appreciate their friendships. We almost think, "who needs a man" because there are just some things our S.O's don't enjoy like facial detoxes and yoga retreats. Let’s just pause for a minute and appreciate our besties, because you know, we basically share the same brain.

Best Friends Valentines Night Rom Com
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What To Watch On Valentine's Day and Romantic Comedies

Perhaps Valentine's Day is all about being comfortable in the living room, ordering pizza and dancing to "All The Single Ladies" with a wine bottle in hand toasting to Independence. What to watch on Valentine's Day or watching rom-com's in general is 99.9% manageable with a shirtless Ryan Gosling in "Crazy, Stupid, Love", or we ugly cry at "The Notebook" and it's tragic plots. *faints*

The best Valentine's Day rom-coms to watch are the ones that make you laugh, cry, then scream with uncontrollable delight when he or she finally *gets the one.* It's all about embracing the Hallmark Holiday. Comfortable hangs with your girls could be screening romantic comedies or "laugh til you cry"  chick-flicks like "Mean Girls" or "Legally Blonde" but it's all about creating experiences that you plan to prefer. Staying at home is just as memorable when you're planning it with your best friends, especially when there are indoor s'mores, fondue pots or mini popcorn machines involved.

Kendall Valentines Pink Outfits
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This year, make it the cutest Galentine's Day and treat your BFF'S! Who else would be with us at brunch, drinking mimosas and having impromptu photoshoots in front of a flower wall?

Tell us how you celebrate with your best friends in style, or if you will be adding this event into your calendar. There's no other way of spending it with your girlfriends than watching cinematic classics or wearing cute rompers at an all girl's spa-day. Doesn't sound half bad, I swear.