Virgo Season | Birthday, Love & Style

Virgo Season | Birthday Love & Style

Friends, lovers…. and Virgos! There’s a new celestial being in the house, it’s Virgo Season honey and there’s a fiery and intense feeling in the air from last weeks moon in Leo that’s going to illuminate your month ahead. Yes, there are major trends in your Virgo horoscope right now that is set to have you in a powerful planetary movement. And for those of you who are more than familiar with Virgo’s get-it-done approach to life, it seriously makes sense that this is the time to step up your game. Whether you’re a Virgo or not, there’s going to be a whole array of opportunities that are going to come your way to command your attention to take control of your career because this is the time for self-improvement, self-awareness and getting your sh*t done. Woah - I just got chills (or a kick in the butt.)

Luckily, Virgo season will also present to you a more logical approach with practical energy. A stepping stone that will help you be able to see the world clearly to make things right in your house, your life, self-love and for others. I bet you’re thumbing your nails and nodding as you read this article, here’s how you can find out more on to take advantage this Virgo Season, how to treat yourself to something special, Virgo birthday style and what’s in the planetary of love. You’ve got this!

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How To Energize Your Life This Virgo Season

Your zodiac element is earth and if you’re lacking vitality and soul - in which we know is the heartbeat of who you truly are - no way are you going to achieve what you want, if you’re rooted with a lack of energy. So how do we get that energy back, Virgo? There are a few things you can do on how to energize your life this Virgo season to get that burst of inspiration to inspire you with great ideas, clarity and to inject some positive stimulation back into your life. Perhaps getting back to nature will be the answer to make your daily routine aligned with your body and soul, we’re talking about getting all that clutter out of your house and closet and living more minimally.

The essence of Virgo season is being your authentic self, so have this in mind as you liberate yourself from broken necklaces that no longer give a purpose. For example, there may be times where you spend over-complicating on an outfit and what to wear due to not having ‘the perfect outfit’. Afterall, it’s hard to let loose in your outfit choices, but that’s okay. If you know what compliments you such as a tailored blazer, structured jacket or earth tone maxi dresses and bright colours of yellow and orange that symbolizes energy - you’ll be surprised at how comfortable and confident you’ll feel!

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Virgo Planet Of Love

A gentle reminder that the universe will always mirror our beliefs back onto us. This month for Virgo season, your planet of Love and predictions are neither good nor bad. Just remember that love is all that there is. For example one of the most attractive traits of a Virgo is their smile and when this happens your inner child comes shining through and lights up any room! This month, recognize that you are oh so loved. And with this new season shake up officially kicking off your time to shine, your planetary of love will have you leaning into your best self. If you have a special someone in your love life at the moment, a walk in the botanical parks or a museum date will have your Virgo self feeling recharged as well. After all, Virgo’s are queens of 'casual' outfits, that are stylish and subtle with the latest sneakers. If you are looking for the perfect Virgo birthday gift, other practical and sentimental gifts such as bonsai plants for her work-at-home desk or jewelry accessories that are elegant and dainty that speaks to her polished style will go a long way that will satisfy your Virgo love.

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Virgo Birthday Style

It could be a tough time to celebrate with your #girlgang right now with social distancing rules in play but with your signature Virgo style of ‘lady in red’, hiding from the world is not an option. As your house will rule into ventures this month, the realm of celebrating your Virgo birthday in style is still in it’s possibilities because TBH, you’re too blessed to be stressed and you’ll be expressing yourself much clearly now to live it up in any circumstances. After all, your astrological sign is telling you to be more at ease with your mind and body for you to be able to take back what truly matters in your life. How to celebrate a Virgo birthday during social distancing won’t be selfish, but generous. Perhaps you’ll find you and your tribe for an intimate dinner at home to treat yourself and your loved ones. The stars want you to open up this year! If you’re on a budget for your birthday, baking delicious yummy treats for your #workfam will kick off to celebrate your season. Looking for a Virgo birthday treat for yourself? You truly enjoy special gifts that contribute to your sanctuary, your humble abode. Here's how you can improve your relaxation at-home to bring you back into balance.

Dw, no matter how you decide on what to do this Virgo season; you always end up finishing with a high whether it's getting more focused on your yourself, your goals or getting in touch with your roots to cherish the ones around you. - Happy Birthday Virgo!