Take Stress Out of Getting Dressed With Wardrobe Wellness

Wardrobe Wellness

In this wild time we’ve felt the shift lately as we’re spending most of our days indoors in self-isolation more than usual and it’s easy to feel a little stir crazy at the moment. If you're trying to get your mind off the news during self-quarantine, it’s time to find ways to stay motivated and keep our minds active and our bodies moving as it’s the most important to use the tools we have in our surroundings to feel powerful instead of self-sabotaging. During this time it's got us thinking of what’s really essential in our lives (and that includes our wardrobes) “now we’re talking!” we hear you exclaim, and yes we’re not joking. Wardrobe Wellness gives a concept of a ‘cleanse’ that can actually be quite transformative for our mental well-being. It's all about taking the stress out of getting dressed and putting more considered thought and therapy back into mindful choices where we learn what to love, and love what we wear. Studies have also shown that cleaning can reduce stress, so is practicing wardrobe wellness the key to happiness?

Surprisingly during this time you might be feeling inspired to clean out your wardrobe or get organized in life especially taking the stress out of dressing in the closet department. It has definitely been on the top of my list to restrain myself of apocalyptic thoughts. This is an excellent chance to indulge in activities like a wardrobe cull during self-isolating as you’ve never had so much free time at your disposal, so make friends with the garbage bag and let’s clear things out!

Wardrobe Detox

De-clutter Your Closet | De-clutter Your Mind

The time is about right for a seasonal closet de-clutter, and whilst the last time i culled my own wardrobe was last year I would have accumulated a few items in between. It’s time to utilize all this free time to rearrange your room’s closet and before you know it you can marvel at the new space and reap the benefits you’ve created to store some future shopping. De-clutter your closet with wardrobe organization because it can go a long way especially for your day-to-day routine. Creating an optimal wardrobe can de-clutter your mind where you'll have less stress putting outfits together and have an improved enjoyable space that's not just for aesthetics.

Do you ever look at your clothes and have the thought of “nothing to wear” despite having a closet full of clothes? “De-clutter your closet, declutter your mind” has been a phenomenon to scale back and reduce to a more minimalist approach. Now I know what you're thinking, "How can I be a minimalist but also love style too?" For many people a crowded wardrobe makes us feel overwhelmed so making “space” for that closet gives us “mental space” as well. That being said, whether we notice it or not but clutter can make us feel anxious whether it’s your at home work space or your closet too. By taking simple steps to de-cluttering, you'll be inspired to maximize what you already have and get rid of things that don't spark joy anymore.

Wardrobe Organization

Wardrobe Organization

There’s no better time to curate your dream closet as of right now when there are so many wardrobe hacks to keep things organized. The biggest difference you’ll have during Wardrobe Wellness is being able to give your closet a whole wardrobe cleanse to rid of items or otherwise store away the ones with sentimental value and organize what remains. A well kept wardrobe should have all your go-to items in full view to be able to create outfits from.

You can always de-clutter your clothes with wardrobe organization by category or have them colour coordinated where it'll easily be located in a flash! We know, colour coordinating is tedious work but if you're a visual person, this is an easy-to-do trick in mix and matching with your outfits, especially that is true to your personal style. There are many wardrobe organization hacks such as building on a capsule wardrobe where you'll be able to rotate your clothes during seasons, to organizational hacks displaying everyday accessories with DIY wardrobe storage ways like clear boxes and matching hangers. 

Wardrobe Wellness Closet Goals

Have A Wardrobe You Love To Wear

When you open your wardrobe how do you feel? Excitement over a sparkly party dress you just bought or sadness over a pair of old jeans you know don’t fit you well or just plain panic because none of these items go together. Let’s face it, we might have a shirt or two we haven’t worn since forever! For a fully functioning wardrobe you should be able to look at your space and feel like you have a wardrobe you love to wear. De-cluttering your wardrobe helps you builds those items you love and for you to invest in versatile pieces in the future.

Going through a cull for wardrobe wellness can narrow down to help you adapt to a closet of clothing that not only helps you choose your outfits but also owning items that are a true representation of who we are. Don’t have a closet full of items like a mean girl taunting you every morning. Wardrobe Wellness is all about recognizing items that make you feel powerful and confident on the inside and gives us that boost of energy especially if we have to deal with it on a daily basis. By eliminating dead weight from our wardrobe, especially pieces you don't love anymore, you'll have a savvy wardrobe that's well edited and will last.

Wardrobe Wellness Closet Goals

Boost Your Closet Confidence

After you have de-cluttered your closet, and segregated your items from most to least loved make sure your selection of clothing represents the true you or items that may be better-loved elsewhere. Once you have figured out the items of clothing you get the most use of, you’ll have that boost of confidence to get ready faster in the morning, leaving you with less stress with getting dressed and be able to curate outfit choices without a doubt. Post-wardrobe cull you’ll see the gaps your closet really needs like basic tops or a classic pair of denim jeans (that fill well of course) instead of hoarding multiple items with false motivation. It’ll make you more decisive in your future purchases without going back and forth with your co-workers with “Should i buy this or shouldn’t i?” Boost your closet confidence by going through an item's joy test; understand things that work for you and things that bring you joy.

Furthermore, when your wardrobe represents optimism, as cheesy as it may sound but you’ll be rotating those items more that make you feel confident on the inside. Don't forget who's the boss - and that boss is you! Build a wardrobe that inspires confidence and an impact to your style in the long run. When we think of de-cluttering our wardobe we think off loss. It's time to change our perspective of clothes to think less about what we're losing, instead, what we can gain from it.

Let us know in the comments below if you'll be up to do a wardrobe wellness "cleanse"! If you have any wardrobe culling hacks, or if you've also executed a wardrobe cull to reduce stress during this time.