Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day At Home

When Mother’s Day has always been one of those holidays where it has the tendency to just sneak up on you, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn't forget to spoil the beautiful women in our lives who have taken a huge role as our sole caretaker. Motherhood is a beautiful journey, whether you’re a mother yourself, or you have a special Mum in your life that deserves far more than one day to celebrate, we’ve compiled a list to give your mum the perfect gift for Mother's Day. As each mother is unique in her own sense of style with her own coloured glasses on how she sees the world, gifting can be quite a challenge.

Although these unprecedented times have thrown us into the loop for an extra creative Mother’s Day gift this year with social distancing dampening the celebrations; experienced gifts may have to be limited to treating your Mum inside the house and at home. There are still plenty of ways to celebrate Mother’s Day at home where she can still feel special and especially if you’re one of the lucky ones who will be spending it under the same roof (lucky you!) All Mother’s Day gifting ideas don’t have to be abandoned. So let’s put all those quarantine hobbies to work. Cooking! Baking! And at-home brunches! We’ve found some unique ways to make Mother's Day light-hearted from where we still want to show the Mums out there how much we appreciate them.

Mother's Day Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea With Mum At Home

If you were serving her breakfast in bed, this year plan the ultimate activity with a Mother's Day tea party at home. Gather all of your prettiest cutlery, think beautiful floral plates, tea cups and napkins to lay out homemade sweet treats like scones or cupcakes. From picking a theme to decor, make it an afternoon of sophistication and decadence. When afternoon tea is the perfect occasion to celebrate all Mums (or women in your life) of every generation, having an afternoon tea with mum provides an opportunity for everyone to really catch up and sit down with women that are most important in our lives and this will make her feel special. A Mother’s Day afternoon tea party is thoughtful, easy and the perfect way to celebrate with Mum where you can both embrace your inner girly girl amongst beautiful blooms. While there are many outfit choices to wear for Mother's Day, don't resit a patterned floral dress for the occasion to match your table setting for fun!

Mother's Day Brunch

Mother’s Day Brunch

Mothers rule! And there’s no question about it. When the Mother’s Day brunch scene just isn’t the same experience for the time being, instead we’re advocating for an at-home spread instead. Throw on your best daytime glam outfits or for a more feminine style, a maxi dress with floral embellished details for a carefree look. Meet your Mum in the living room for a bottomless brunch full of mimosas or a special celebration fuzz. As your planning your Mother’s Day at home brunch spread, no matter what you make it’s all the thought that counts. All your cupboard essentials for pancake making, french toast or waffles will get you started! From a sweet to savoury menu, put on your fav power girl playlist while sipping on a few bottles of champagne and orange juice for the customary Mother’s Day mimosas, it’ll be a sure thing to put a smile on your Mum’s face! cheers!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day Care Package

Even though some rules might be relaxed by the time of Mother’s Day, some of us might not be able to see those we love with a face-to-face celebration especially with social distancing in order. If there’s one big thing we’ll be missing is sadly, not giving our Mums a hug. Show your Mum how much she means to you with a Mother’s Day care package - think of all the things she loves and throw it all together into a box like a good book to curl up with at night or a scented candle, her favourite box of tea and a fluffy bathrobe for a night of relaxation will be much appreciated. Add in some sentimental value into your care package with framed family photos as well. When unboxing channels on Youtube are popular, make it a fun twist and set up a video call where you can drop off your care package at your Mum or Grandma's door (because, contactless delivery) and later watch it in real time on skype as she opens it. Watch as all your individually wrapped presents get unraveled one by one or see how much you can make your Mum laugh with some gag gifts too. 

Let us know in the comments below how you'll be spoiling Mum on Mother's Day. Whether it's a care package to enjoying a glass of mimosa and planning the perfect brunch, we hope Mother's Day 2020 will be the best one yet!