Ways to Soothe Our Stylish Souls When You Live And Breathe Fashion

Is it just me or have Monday mornings totally disappeared where your eyelids have suddenly popped apart and you jump out of bed like a jack-in-the-box. All the exciting rituals of picking out a cute outfit for work every morning and not to mention that delicious Friday feelin’ where we facetime our girls on what to wear for a night out. We’ve had a look at how to stay positive and practice self care during lockdown because it’s a vital key to our mental health but what if some of us are self-proclaimed fashionistas need a little bit more TLC for our stylish souls with ways to stay connected to fashion. While this time might seem like a complete nightmare to you, there are ways to soothe our stylish souls when you live and breathe fashion.

There are many reasons why we should be dressing up to stay in and before lockdown we were dressing in our best to look forward to the next day, but what do we do now to keep our inner fashionistas stay excited about fashion? Here’s some great ideas for our stylish sistah’s out there that’ll soothe your souls.

Create a fashion moodboard

Create A Fashion Mood Board

If you live and breathe fashion, create a fashion mood board for a way to pour your heart and soul into something you’re passionate about whether it’s inspo for art, style, that dream bag you’ve got your eye on or even a dream destination you plan on in the future. Make this time a rare opportunity to indulge in some fashion therapy and give those Instagram bookmarks a break. Pinterest is the best place to easily create a fashion mood board to pin blogger styles you admire or collect an album dedicated to fun outfit combos you’d want to try once social-isolation ends. There have been times where i’ve spent hours on Pinterest (i’m not ashamed to admit) but it’s constantly an inspiration to keep up with fashion trends and there may be an album dedicated to wedding dresses - because, a girl can DREAM.

Fashion Hairstyles Re-invent Yourself With Fashion

Re-invent Yourself With Fashion

What a time to re-invent yourself! I'm a huge believer in experimenting with your style because it’s all about opening yourself up and furthering your self-discovery. There is a huge delight when you re-invent yourself with fashion because you’re getting out of your comfort zone and makes you more confident in taking fashion risks. For the stylish souls out there we want to focus on growth - knowing what works for you and what doesn’t. To re-invent yourself with fashion you’ll become more open-minded and that’s what keeps our personal style fresh, creative and to continue embarking on our style journey. For me, i like to be silly and try different makeup looks I once wasn’t quite bold enough to wear. I've tried out some cool new ways to style my hair, or you can even play with hair accessories - the worlds your oyster!

Wardrobe Detox Closet Style

Re-discover Your Wardrobe

For fashion lovers indulge in ways to re-discover your wardrobe and breathe life back into items you once forgot about. Many of us lose track of what’s actually in our wardrobe or have items that were only ‘worn once’ - so check on what's collecting dust and do a wardrobe detox, who knows, you might stumble across a gem! Diving into an organizational grind while you’re at it will have you de-cluttering your space which in the long run, will make putting outfit combos together in the future easier and stress-free. When you start to re-discover your wardrobe, you can re-style or re-work those forgotten items which could be a win-win situation for you to save money and also makes use of items you already have. You can read our ways to de-clutter your closet today, and maybe even practice a bit of wardrobe wellness for the soul too.

Post-Lockdown Outfit

Start Planning A Post-Lockdown Outfit

When your days and weeks have honestly just merged into one with little to zero ways to distinguish them, there’s not one moment we’re wondering how it would feel to dress up and step out of the house again. This may sound a little dramatic but, it’s time to start planning a post-lockdown outfit! With so many outfits we can’t wait to wear, we are already itching to put on that dress where we’ll be unapologetic about being well over-dressed. There’s no other heart palpating feeling for stylish souls out there than planning outfits for that first night out! mark your calender's people, cause we'll be planning party dresses with the girls for a huge celebration.

Fashion Wish List

Make A Wish List

When shopping excessively may not be the best thing to do right now, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t add items to a wish list. In fact, it’s the perfect time after you have de-cluttered your wardrobe and can really see what you need that’s missing from it. Compile a list of what’s lacking in your wardrobe and identify items of clothing that will necessarily fit into your daily needs such a work top once we return back to the 9-5 or your Winter must-have items like coats and jackets to get you through for the next few months. Make a wish list of heels you’ll be buying next to compliment those dresses that you’ve recently dug up from a wardrobe detox and some statement pieces for those seasonal items too.