Ways To Treat Yourself For The Week

Ways To Treat Yourself For The Week

Self care is all the rage these days, because it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. These little pleasures that get us through the everyday grind. A ‘treat yourself day” will certainly inspire ideas of luxury and self care products, but there are many ways to treat yourself for the week on a daily basis that still feel like little treats. A good boost to your self-esteem is doing things that make you happy and whether you’ve just had a long week, or things have just hit the fan, then you’ll know how exhausting things can be. Work hard and no play sucks right?

There’s no excuse for not showing yourself some love from time to time so this week, we’re giving you permission to treat yo’ self. To encourage YOU and celebrate YOU, we’ve come up with a guide on ways to treat yourself for the week and with now more than ever, we’re in need of some things to brighten our day. We invite you to slow down, give yourself a break once in a while, sit back, relax and enjoy.

Treat Yourself Get Dressed

Treat Yourself And Wear Something Fancy

It’s definitely no exaggeration that the last few months, we’ve been on the same catwalk rotation of our sloppy joes. Making an effort to get dressed does wonders for our own well being and who says that we should wait to wear or buy the clothes we’ve had in our ‘saved baskets’ all through lockdown and quarantine! Treat yourself for the week and wear something fancy to break the cycle. When a lot of working professionals get to a point of wearing the same work outfits every single day, it’s understandable and know that you’re not alone. Even the savviest of style mavens get into wardrobe slumps too. 

Whether it’s to treat yourself to something new, or getting dressed in your fav coloured frock to lift your mood, we’re all about IT. So, off with the leggings, begone house slippers and say hello to something fancy! Do your hair, experiment with makeup, put on a killer pair of heels and do whatever you need to do to feel confident and happier. If you have something you love, wear it now. Don’t let your ‘good items’ or a dress that’s only for a ‘special day’ go to waste. Get that good feelin’ back girl!

Self Care Treat Yourself

Buy A 'Treat Yo Self' Something Just for You

Let’s just pause for a minute. We could all do with a little self care right now, and with all the pressures to be productive or excel at work, it’s very easy to actually forget about some ‘me’ time. No one should live life without enjoying the little joys from it. Even if that joy is to treat yourself with a really expensive candle from time to time (because premium scent experiences!), raiding bikini summer sales or grabbing your favourite Starbucks oat milk latte. That something is for you, and you only. To a fashionista, there’s no greater ways to treat yourself for the week than a shopping spree but of course, some of us or on a budget - so here’s the thing.

When you treat yourself and buy something just for you, let that treat be within your budget. Sure buying yourself a candle just to burn away is ridiculous and extravagant, but there’s always that one thing that’s important for an individual that you can justify spending money on. From buying fresh cut flowers to liven up your own ‘me’ space, investing in a book to learn something new, gold leaf face masks or the artisanal organic coffee beans you bought to make your brew at home taste just as good as at your corner hangout. Don’t hesitate if that "something just for you' contributes to your happiness. After-all, nothing quite compares to retail therapy.

Treat Yourself At Home

Take A Break, Eat Cake

We’ve all been there, and we’ve all said it: “I’ve had a tough day, i'm just gonna treat myself to…. Just once.” Life is about balance right? So make sure that you live a good life! All the foodies out there in the world, nothing compares to a luxurious ‘treat yo’ self’ day than an upgraded take away meal or maybe just your impulse snack at the checkout line. What we’re saying is, you can treat yourself, whenever you want. Take a break and eat that cake. Without restrictions or limitations otherwise that will just drive you crazy.

Certainly, time can be a luxury too. When we’re busy leading busy lives, one way to treat yourself is to take a break with the company of others. Take a break and gather your besties, to get together for some “wine down” with your brightest happy hour dress. Host a ‘cocktail hour’ at your place and have them bring their favourite snacks or an easy-to-serve dessert to be presented in a colourful table setting. The more you can focus on what your likes and dislikes are for you to truly unwind, these little ways to treat yourself for the week will have you laughing more tonight and happier tomorrow.

Wyas To Treat Yourself

Treat Yourself The Right Way

Catching some sun-filled days, or watching the sunset is an easy way to treat yourself and your soul. Even better that they’re beautiful and free. We all need some sunshine in our lives, so break out the sunscreen, beach towel, two-piece bikini set and a chilled iced coffee for some backyard sunbathing to catch some Winter sun. You probably saw this one coming, but how amazing is it to feel the warm feeling of sunshine on our skin? Vitamin D is known as “sunshine vitamin” and it’s reputation is true. Having a healthy respect for the sun reaps benefits of improved mood, boosts immunity, balances blood pressure and has an antidepressant effect.

For some of us, our daily day-to-day routines can become… dry. So for this week, treat yourself and switch up your routines like taking the scenic walk route to work, or are you having a crazy busy week? Walk around the block instead. You know that feeling you get when the sun hits your skin and it instantly makes you smile? You can thank the sun for that. On those days where you're tempted to sink into your couch, sometimes getting out of the house for a long walk is all it takes to recharge and spend time by yourself. Treat yourself right.

When the majority of us like the occasional indulgence of dressing up, eating your favourite snack or having just a 'wine down' at home with the girls... which treat would you choose to treat yourself for the week? What are your favourite things to spoil yourself? Let us know in the comments below.