What To Wear To A Wedding | Guest Outfit Ideas From Beach To Formal

Spring is almost here and you know what that means - Wedding Season! If you have more save-the-dates than outfits or invited as a plus one to a wedding, dress to impress and make sure your looks are appropriate for any formal dress code.

How exciting is it to receive a wedding invitation but then a sudden panic hits you after reading the small print right at the bottom of the letter. “what’s cocktail attire?” you ask yourself, leaving a little more clueless on what to wear. With so many Guest Outfit Ideas on the market, it is overwhelming to find the perfect Occasion Wear without turning up faux pax.

Formal Wear - Wedding Guests Tips

Guest Tips For Every Wedding Occasion

Unless the invitation specifically says wear white - do not upstage the bride! There are different types of guidelines when it comes to Dressing For Formal events, and when dress codes on perplexing invitations could be a little confusing at first; we decode some Wedding Dress Codes on what they mean. Whether the wedding is located abroad, closer to home or perhaps a Black Tie gala, don’t panic.

The tips for wearing the most appropriate guest outfits can depend on the Formal Occasion labelled on the invitation. When the bride and groom choose the formality they highly consider how this is written in their invitations for guests to dress a certain way. Knowing what cocktail, evening or lounge wear entitles, it can determine how you can plan to dress for the right occasion complimenting the formality of the event.

Choose The Perfect Wedding Guest Outfit

From the moment you receive an invitation in the mail, to RSVPing on time - there are simple rules to follow. As weddings are a time for people to dress up and wanting to look their very best, remember that sometimes it could be a ceremonial event with families of the bridal parties that could be much older or have children in company.

When choosing the perfect outfit, the most acceptable attire for guests could be depending on the type of ceremony and venue. Whilst some rules may vary across family traditions, it is important to show respect to the bride and groom on their big day. It can be complicated as a guest but if you have any doubts on choosing the perfect outfit, consult other attendee’s, or take cues from the theme to the look of the invite.

Be aware of colour schemes of bridesmaids and the bridal party, let their roles shine while you make a tasteful statement on your part. Wedding Themes are guidelines we can follow to choosing an outfit, and being mindful to a location could be a key to wearing a specific style.

Wedding Dress Code - Formal Cocktail Dresses

Wearing Appropriate Dress Codes For A Wedding

Remember this is the bride and grooms special day. Bridesmaids with the opportunity to choose her own outfit or if you have an important role in the ceremony, it is necessary to be in the right attire. It’s never appropriate to wear anything short or revealing - if you are wearing something that’s low cut in the back with a high slit at the front then what are you wearing to the club?

Typically, you can get a sense of the right Wedding Dress Code by what location and time a ceremony starts. How many times have we gone to a garden or backyard reception and slowly found ourselves inches deep in grass because of the heels we chose to wear? Is the start time from 4pm to evening? Including season, time and venue in your outfit choice should help you determine the appropriate length of your dress or the decision to wear sleeves or not.

Dressing Codes - Guest Styles for Destination
Dresses And Prints For Destination Weddings

Floral printed, knee length dresses are ideal for spring garden weddings starting from midday. There should be a sense of modesty teamed with thick block heels or wedges - because how many times have we made this mistake (and sunk into the grass!) If it’s a destination wedding that’s “smart casual” make it fun by taking inspiration from the backdrop and choose colours to compliment that overall theme.

The right materials for warmer weathers are wrap dresses that embrace bright patterns and hues could be a perfect option for a location such as a beach wedding. Simply adding accessories such as a shell shaped clutches or drop down beaded earrings lift an outfit to another level without being too overdressed. Let your shoes be capable of going on some sandy terrains, while maxi dresses avoids all the windy elements.

Formal Black Tie Dressing - Gowns

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A Wedding Guest Should Know Formality Of Dress

A black tie coded event is a general rule that this is the TIME to wear something fancy, so use all the STOPS - but - wear something sophisticated and elegant. Before you take out your ‘little black dress,’ black tie events usually reserve for the evening which indicates that the dress code should be a floor length silhouette.

Evening gowns are tailored with simple components, however the idea of wearing strictly black is a myth (unless stated otherwise) don’t be afraid to experiment with bold colours such as emerald or velvet blue. You certainly can’t go wrong with classic black, but choose interesting necklines and extravagant accessories to dress any outfit.

If a wedding ceremony is likely to take part in a church at first, avoid anything that shows a little more shoulder and leg. Wedding Guest Trends have been quite fashion forward or casual but keep in mind with decency, and balance the hemlines with the appropriate skin to show. If all else fails, we suggest changing into a second outfit for the reception to dance the night away!