White Hot | Summer Dresses For Women

For every women’s wardrobe, we’re paying homage to the quintessential white dress you should have that will surely make you look fabulous for every occasion. We’re covering the unofficial colour of summer, in fact, debunking some myths, as a refresher to stay cool in all your favourite styles. If the thought makes you feel nervous with a summer full of festivals, parties and beach days - wearing all white can be easily and flawlessly done. Keep scrolling to see our favourite styles in this week’s white hot shade:

Hot White Dresses For Summer
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Why We Wear White For Summer

Surprisingly, white is a natural reflector of lights, meaning it is a bad conductor of heat while on the other hand, darker colours like black in colder seasons absorb it’s heat from sunlight. So it’s probably not comfortable to wear black shirts in summer. Even though this discovery of wearing white for summer, is also about the materials or layers we wear, lighter colours really do make our bodies comparatively cooler. Sticking to neutrals and light-coloured, light-weight clothes are the best to absorb sweat and keeps you staying cool as summer breezes easily pass. What if wearing white makes you feel intimidated? don't worry. Nothing says confidence than someone wearing, all white.

The Ultimate Guide To Wearing White

The ultimate way to incorporating white into your daily looks is knowing your perfect shade. This might be a silly statement, but yes, there are different shades of white. Some people believe that wearing white is unflattering or intimidating to wear. When there are a wide spectrum of white shades such as cream and bone, fairer complexion don’t need to fret! if you are more fair-skinned, wear natural white or off-white as it’s commonly known. For more medium to dark, stark white suits brilliantly. Olive Skin can transform into some chic looks with champagne shades without looking washed out. Following a few easy steps, wearing white on white confidently this summer doesn't seem impossible anymore.

Micah Gianneli White Blazer Dress
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How To Wear White Outfits

Turn heads in your summer outfits for work with a tailored white blazer with your dress to give black and navy tones a run for their money! A white blazer is this summer’s hottest trend smartening up any modern outfit. If you’re wondering what pieces you can wear with this; pair with a light coloured neutral dress for a sophisticated combo, or we love a sexy blazer dress showing off nothing underneath but boss-vibes and major legs! If blazer dresses aren’t your thing, jumpsuits are best suited for girls with curves as it cinches in your waist and balances out your proportions. Jumpsuits are both versatile to dress up or down with your accessories, and can easily transition for after work drinks.

Bella Hadid White Corset Shirt Dress
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Hot White Styles To Party

For the girl on vacay ready for a night out or have a white party coming up, there’s nothing sexier than wearing an outfit in a sexy hot midi. From body con dresses to halter necks, choosing an outfit that feels effortlessly cool is all about wearing that one layer and making it count. While we all praise the LBD (little black dress) make this summer all about the LWD. As we have every summer dresses in all your favourite styles, assemble your "little white dress" with sassy combinations like black belts across the waist, and clutches in pops of colour or bold coloured lips. We also love a girl wearing a white corset style shirt or an airy puff sleeve dress for a modern, trendy look.

Cool Casual Dresses For Summer

Cool It Summer Dresses

When it’s too hot to literally put any clothes on, dressing for summer can be easy and breezy. When you prefer to cover up at the beach, loose fitting is the most comfortable like cotton-blend shift dresses or linen wide leg pants are thrown over swimwear straight to the boardwalk. While white maxi dresses are the epitome of our must-have beach essentials, it's as easy to wear while you lay poolside in lazy perfection. With the right accessories, casual summer dresses can look glamorous at the same time by adding a printed scarf, bold colourful earrings or statement sandals to make any look stylish and effortless.

Now that we've got you glowing fearlessly and casually wearing white, let us know how you'll be styling your looks this summer!