Winter Wedding Guest Outfits

Winter Wedding Outfits For Guests Gold Formal Dresses Gown Black Tie

It’s a new week in a new month and as the weather starts to cool off, you might have thought that wedding season was almost over. With a majority of nuptials being held in the warmer months, you'll soon be prepping for another round of invites as couples are starting to see the allure of white winter weddings. With fairy lights, grand pianos and all kinds of romance (of course) it’s as romantic as any girl can dream... but a complete sartorial conundrum to look for Winter wedding guest outfits. You heard it here folks, Winter weddings have a lot going on for them but there are a few components to bear in mind when it comes to dressing Winter wedding style. By Winter, you’ve probably exhausted all your favourite wedding outfits and the fail safe simplicity of a slip dress and sandals combo that have loyally got you through. But don’t worry, there are solutions that do exist. 

To answer all your wedding guest outfit woes, we understandably agree that Winter is the toughest time to shop for what to wear to a wedding; but there is an opportunity for attendees to break their own style rules and try something new. Not only have we compiled a list of Winter wedding guest outfits if you plan to wear a swifting maxi dress, or something more luxurious like sequins. Make this time to embrace and experiment with jewel tone colours, different fabrications and to try heavily beaded looks because that's what the season calls for!

Keep scrolling to see our edit of shimmery dresses to chić looks to suit every style for what you need, you’ll be sure to be the best dressed guest in the Winter wedding circuit - without upstaging the bride of course.

Winter Wedding Guest Outfits

Winter Wedding Attire

Winter weddings are almost festive and it’s all about romance! As the cold weather plummets, confectionery hues are left behind and you’ll find Winter wedding attire to be in red, gold, emerald, royal purple and where black is appropriate to wear at this time of year. As wedding invites start to roll in, make sure to consider what the setting and formality is for the right Winter wedding attire to attend. Will it be a daytime affair or an evening event? Will it be outside or is it a black tie gala. Yes, mastering Winter wedding attire is almost shudder-inducing, especially to find guest outfits to suit the weather and shield from the elements while still maintaining a sense of occasion. Winter wedding attire rules are to make sure that your outfits still have a happy vibe to it instead of being stoic or dull. Longer hemlines are encouraged, layers and the right heels to wear can make or break an outfit.

Winter Wedding Guest Outfits

Floral Dresses For Winter Weddings

Floral dresses are one of the most popular choices for wedding guest outfits, so you can all rejoice in taking out your maxi dresses you bought - but as long as they’re long sleeved. Think outside of the box and go for a head-to-toe Winter floral dress that will go for a daytime casual wedding soiree with a look that’s ultra-feminine and almost bohemian chić. Floral dresses for Winter weddings are dark in colours, but you’ll see that the blooming motifs and prints are muted and soft that still give it that romantic vibe. Pick floral dresses for Winter weddings that have sheer sleeves as they still show off the arms, but still give you that barrier from coldness. An elevated print material rather than a simple slip, and a dress that is 100 percent re-wearable to wear afterwards. It's always a bonus to know that you’ll be styling it with sneakers or boots post-ceremony to give it some fashion mileage. 

Formal Dresses Winter Wedding Sequins

Sequin Maxi Dresses For Wedding Guests

While you don’t want to upstage the bride, you do still want to stand out and these Winter wedding guest outfits will definitely give you a show-stopping moment. For a more lavish affair, a stunning ‘sparkle and shine’ long party dress or maxi dress will be perfect for when being over-the-top and a little bit extra is acceptable. It’s long and body hugging, and all you need is a plush Winter coat to wear before and after the venue. Take note, floor length sequin maxi dresses for wedding guests automatically feels luxurious and glamorous for any formal cocktail event. For the ultimate glamorous effect, pull back your hair and tie into an elegant bun, or a side hairstyle so everyone can see the full mermaid gown look. For extra points, experiment with platform pumps with your sequin maxi dresses to elevate your formal wear attire and next level chandelier earrings for a magical spark!

Gala Gowns Floor Length Formal Dresses

Black Tie Gala Wedding Guest

Black tie attire usually means floor length gowns for a gala wedding guest. When floral frocks are for the day; shimmering and metallic maxi dresses will get you dressed for when the invite is asking for elegance with an ample dose of edge. Don't be afraid to opt for your perfect shade of muted reds or winter months will also call for rich tones such as royal purple, emerald green and sleek golds to make just the right amount of risk for your formal wear and evening gowns. Trust us, gala wedding guest gowns are all about fashion forward choices and with the metallic sheen of material feeling inherently evening wear; it's just as celebratory and undeniably sophisticating to wear. You'll find that instead of a traditional black gown as the usual black tie wedding outfit, unique structures will punctuate the look like an off the shoulder design and touches of contemporary accessories in your bag, jewelry and heels will take it from modern sleek to super glam.

Do you have a wedding coming up? Comment below which of these Winter wedding guest outfits are worth a try. Are you the gala girl who loves to be a little extra, will you stand out from the crowd with a truly dramatic piece like sequins or will you wear the holy grail of wedding attire - florals.