Working From Home Wardrobe Pieces

Working From Home Stress Free Wardrobe

Eat, sleep, work, repeat. But don’t stay in your pj’s okay? Working from home has been a big adjustment to say the least that many of us have had to suddenly become acquainted with. Let me guess. In your pre-isolating working wardrobe, you’ve always stayed in a scheduled routine - to slip into your ‘uniform’, whether it was an immaculate suit of Armour or serving up the freshest looks in tailored designs. But in today’s set up, home-workers out there are experiencing a whole new wardrobe crises; discovering a more laid-back personal style. It’s no exaggeration that a killer #WFH wardrobe can transform our working life, mental health, staying motivated, while still dressing for the job at an easier equation, but you probably already knew that.

Working from home sounds pretty amazing and great in theory, but being efficient is actually easier said than done. No more full face of make-up, getting dressed in real clothes and our decision-making capacity on ‘what to wear’ chaos every morning is a thing of the past. While it may be tempting to hit that snooze button just one more time… it turns out that it’s really not the answer to our #WFH situation. Dressing the part is crucial, don’t skip this step! Having a working from home wardrobe can be pieces that can de-stress any morning routine or lack thereof. Whether you’re a modern professional to ensure you stay on top of the game, you've suddenly found yourself in remote work or just want to hit that sweet spot between work wear and PJ’s, we've got a few suggestions up our sleeves.

Fortunately there is a ton of useful advice on how to put together work from home outfits. Whether if it’s associating feel-good fashion with productivity, which stress free wardrobe pieces that are perfect for now and in the future or having an all-in-one outfit to smash any boss-lady agenda you have planned for the day, there are a ton of easy outfit formulas to help you feel confident to do your best in. Look no further because we’ve got a handful of working-from-home winners for you! Keep scrolling to see which top pieces we’ll be buying, wanting and to easily feel more put-together than the rest of your other Zoom meeting co-workers.

Comfy Work From Home Outfits

Comfy Work From Home Outfits

Should you be dressing up for work if you’re working from home - the answer is yes! Remember though, don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s okay to have a few grey sweatpants days because remote work from home burnout is a real thing and you can end up in a ‘wardrobe rage’ with one shoe flying out the window in frustration (true story.) However, working remotely or having to change our norm to work from home, is a double ended sword with having a desire to actually put on a pair if pants are largely disappearing. But the best comfy work from home outfits are a few essential wardrobe pieces to make this ‘routine’ stress-free, with minimal effort even if you need to look smart in a video conference call. For some, adding comfy work-from-home outfits into your wardrobe like shirt dresses, wrap dresses or slipping into a sweater dress will give a throw-it-on with ease that’s comfortable, versatile and functional.

work from home outfits power dressing

Choose Outfits That Make You Feel Empowered

For others, it’s the small things. If you choose outfits that make you feel empowered, work wear attire that showcases your creativity or work-from-home combinations will make you feel unstoppable like a cloak of magic, especially on those days you really need it for a little dress up fun. The cozy alternative to pajamas or putting on your favourite jeans or a business casual pair of work bottoms like tailored trousers or jumpsuits. Recognizing to choose outfits that make you feel empowered is a total gamechanger to make your morning decisions stress free that could easily be styled with your chosen work tops to add to your WFH rotation. If you’ve been living in leggings for pants, trade in our usual baggy t-shirts for statement tops with a few button details instead, this will help to make you feel dressed even though you’re working from home on the DL.

Work From Home Wardrobe

A Working From Home Wardrobe Is All About Layering

If you’re somewhat yearning for some type of normalcy, having a working from home wardrobe should comprise of a few hero pieces! Basically any outfit combos that will aid you in layering, to express your personal style while staying comfortable and cool. Swap out your bathrobe and go for power-dressing properties like an all-in-one tailored blazer for those who want to look eternally stylish. It makes sense that athleisure workwear has made a huge jump into our current fashion trends that has bridged the gap between leisure and work. For those returning to work post-covid, investing in jackets like an oversized boyfriend blazer won’t have you sacrificing on comfort and style when these are the key factors we’re looking for now! Layering blazers over athleisure offers a no-brainer approach to dressing, from a total must to finish our working from home wardrobe to the comforting qualities of basically going with everything - it’s an essential piece we’ll be adding to be ready for anything. 

Let us know in the comments below which essential #WFH wardrobe pieces is a bigger hit than your snooze button! How are you pulling off your home office looks and show us how you're dressing in your comfortable outfits.